Optimize Cancer Prevention With Apricot Seeds and Vitamin B17

If you are just learning about cancer prevention, you are probably both amazed and confused by a great many things. It is probably shocking for you to find out that the FDA is not standing behind vitamin B17, which could be one of the greatest discoveries about cancer prevention in your lifetime. It probably amazes you that the little tiny apricot seeds can do so much to help people avoid cancer. Not the least, it probably confuses you just a little.

After all, there are dozens of different websites about cancer prevention with apricot seeds and vitamin B17 tablets. How are you supposed to know whether it really is best to only eat the apricot seeds, as some sites say? Or should you do what some sites suggest and just take the vitamin B17 tablets? Perhaps the other sites are right, and you should actually do both-eat apricot seeds and take vitamin B17 tablets. It can be awfully confusing trying to figure out what you should do.

What should you do?

The best way to look at is it to consider the two different forms. The apricot seeds are, indeed, the best form of cancer prevention. Experts say that it is always better to get nutrients from the raw source whenever possible-this is true for all vitamins, not just for vitamin B17. For example, eating a serving of grapefruit is a much better way to get some vitamin C than taking a vitamin C tablet simply because the human body is better capable of metabolizing the vitamin from the food.

Vitamin B17 tablets should be looked at as a supplement. Since you can never be certain that you are getting enough amygdalin from the apricot seeds (because they vary in size, weight, and composition), you should ingest some amygdaline in a supplement form as well so that you always get enough of the substance in your body. So, you should definitely take one or two vitamin B17 100mg tablets per day.

Can I Take Vitamin B17 Tablets with Apricot Seeds?

It is likely that you have a history of cancer in your family. Perhaps your aunt had ovarian cancer, or maybe your grandfather suffered from lung cancer. Maybe you have a distant cousin who has dealt with skin cancer on several occasions. Even if you aren’t aware of the health records of every one of your extended relatives, chances are there are at least a few instances of cancer in your family history. It can be somewhat scary to think that you are probably genetically linked to at least a few different forms of cancer.

This is why so many people work hard to keep in shape and to try to stay healthy. However, even that isn’t enough in some cases-which is why a lot of people turn to vitamin B17. Taking vitamin B17 can help prevent cancer.

Laetrile is another name for vitamin B17-that is its chemical name. Vitamin B17 is basically the purified form of amygdalin, which comes from apricot seeds. So, the three names can be used interchangeably.

Ways of Ingesting Vitamin B17

You can take vitamin B17 in tablet form-or, you can eat apricot seeds. Both of these methods will work to provide you with the necessary amygdalin to keep the cancer cells from invading your body. Additionally, in stronger doses, both can work (in some cases) to help fight cancer or to keep it in remission.

Many people wonder if it will boost their body’s immune system if they eat apricot seeds and take vitamin B17 tablets at the same time. This is certainly possible-and, in fact, many of the highly noted amygdalin researchers do, indeed, take both vitamin B17 tablets and eat apricot seeds.

There are some detailed cancer preventative protocols and metabolic therapies outlined on the internet that specifically suggest eating a certain number of apricot seeds per day and taking vitamin B17 tablets those same days. So, it is safe to say that this is probably a good idea-if done correctly. Make sure to research first to find the best dosage for your body weight.

Now you know what to do-not so confusing anymore, is it?

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