Types of Cancer Treatments Available at Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital & Research Institute

Here, we shall help you understand the most frequent Cancer therapies available. This will help you have some assurance when your advisor speaks to you about your therapies. The most popular therapies available today are:



Chemotherapy would be the most commonly experienced Cancer treatment. It includes the use of medication or medications. There are over a hundred medication in use today for chemotherapy. These medication are selected based upon on the type of Cancer you are recognized with. Chemotherapy treatment can keep Cancer from growing, it can slow the growth of Cancer, destroy the tissues of Cancer that have distribute to the other parts of the body and also cure the symptoms of Cancer such as pain or obstructions.



Everybody has its built-in defense mechanisms that helps it battle illnesses. Immunotherapy makes use of this built-in defense mechanisms to combat Cancer. This type of treatment generally includes the use of medications or some kind of necessary protein to increase the defense mechanisms and make it strong enough to combat the tissues of Cancer.


Radiation therapy

Cancer  Radiation Therapy in Hyderabad, in this type of therapy high energy wave contaminants are used to eliminate or harm the tissues of Cancer. This is one of the most common therapies used to fight Cancer. This procedure methods are most commonly used in combination with other forms of Cancer therapies to destroy Cancer growing tissues before they can cause more harm to the body.


Targeted therapies

Targeted therapies use medication that prevent the development of Cancer and prevent it from spreading to other parts of the body. These medicines affect specific elements – especially those that are involved in the development, progression and spread of Cancer. These are sometimes called as targeted medication. They prevent development cell growth and effectively kill development cells.



Stem cell transplant, peripheral blood, bone marrow can cord blood transplant are some of the methods used to cure cancer by means of transplants. The stem cells are used when the bone marrow has been destroyed by a particular disease – such as cancer. Transplanting stem cells can be a great way to Cancer Cure in India.


Other treatment options

Other options in Cancer Treatment include cryosurgery, hyperthermia, laser treatments and photo powerful therapy. All of these are used to focus on the body of Cancer and either eliminate them or prevent the distribute or slow down the speed of regrowth among the body of Cancer.


It is important that you talk to your doctor at the Cancer medical center and create sure you understand the process and the therapy. This will create it simpler for you to deal with the disease.


Dr. Senthil Rajappa is a Medical Oncology working with a Basavatarakam Indo American Cancer Hospital & Research Institute. Cancer Hospital in India. He believes that patients should be aware of their treatment options in order to make informed decisions. He shares information regarding medicine and treatment options for various medical ailments via blogs and articles.

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